Five Questions To Ask Before Booking Your Wedding Room

5 Questions to ask before booking your wedding room

You have chosen the wedding invitations without problem, it has taken much less time than you imagined to decide for the wedding dress of your dreams and you have clear what the songs for your wedding should be. But, although there are several wedding rooms or spaces that you have fallen in love with, you just can’t decide. Before choosing one option or another, you should ask yourself a series of questions that will surely help you decide. For more info about wedding Melbourne, please visit the page!

Questions to choose your wedding room

  1. Availability: This is the first thing to check, because if you do not have availability for the day you have chosen, you can discard the wedding room Remember that reservations at most wedding facilities should be made approximately one year in advance. The same time you will need to start looking at dresses, browse catalogs of bridal bouquets or look at the latest trends in color bridal shoes.


  1. Prices, payment methods and cancellation policies: Although talking about money is never pleasant, the fact is that the price of the wedding room is a decisive factor. First of all, do not stay in doubt about the packages: what they offer, what the different menus include, how much each one costs.

Also clarify the form of payment. Ask if you have to pay before or after the day of the celebration; if you must leave a reservation fee and how much would that add up to. Also inquire about the cancellation policy, in case that you have to cancel the contract with them or delay the date of celebration. And, of course, what would happen if it is them who cancel, this does not usually happen but, just in case, you must be prepared.

  1. Amount of people: Weddings are often events that gather many people, so one of the concerns of many couples is to verify that all the guests will fit in the room chosen and will be comfortable. So make sure there is room for family and friends who are going to share that day with you.
  2. Location: Make sure that the wedding room is on a easy access location. There are lounges that have public transportation to transport people from the place of the ceremony to their facilities. Ask for information and budget. Also ask if they have parking and if this involves some extra expense. For more info about wedding catering Australia, please visit the page!
  3. Tables and accessories: How big are the tables? Although it seems like a silly question, it is not if we consider that one of the most complicated tasks when organizing a wedding is how to sit the guests. You should know the location and layout of the tables and the capacity they have. It is not the same a circular model with capacity for 8 than for 14 diners, although the designs that accommodate 10-12 people are the most common.

Also, ask how are the flowers, the centers of table, the tablecloths and the tableware with which the restaurant has. Are not you convinced? Perhaps you can order the decoration to an outside company. Talk to them and be sure to clear any doubt.